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Mental health advocate & free-time artist, these are my creations.

I've doodled for as long as I can remember. In college, all I wanted to do was paint, and I couldn't commit to the required core classes and dropped out. Shortly afterwards, I become a freelance hair stylist for around 3 years, doing runway, weddings and working in a salon. Sadly, I lost my motivation to do hair and went back to odd jobs here and there.

Missing my creative outlet, I picked up a paintbrush again! I discovered Twitch and started live streaming abstract watercolor pieces after my 9-5 to let out the stress of my IT job. Eventually I bought an iPad Pro and couldn't pry myself from it.

At this time I opened an Etsy store and "Neural Ink" was born! I have always found a lot of inspiration in tattoos, and my style reflected this at the time. Over the years, my personal style continued to evolve and I was finding inspiration in vintage posters, old labels and comic books.

When Covid hit, isolation took a toll on me mentally, so I took a break from art for a while. In 2022, things got better and I was inspired to draw again. However, I was no longer connected with my shop name. Therefore, "Fig and Mortis" was born! (A play on Rigor Mortis) My art has and will always be an expression of the highs and lows of the human experience.


Lauren Larsen is an Illustrator, creator and artist based in St. Louis, USA

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